Green Transport Cluster is an association of legal and natural persons, established at the end of 2011 in the city of Sofia. The activity is aimed exclusively at uniting the efforts for development of intermodal freight and passenger transport in Bulgaria.


• Establishment of active and business relations between the sectoral and complementary companies in the branch, use of general specialized infrastructure, exchange of information, personnel and equipment;

• Integrate the opportunities and opportunities of the Bulgarian transport system in order to promote the use of combined forms of transport;

• Integration of national intermodal services and terminals into international intermodal networks;

• Promote intermodality and green transport corridors and improve the skills of transport company employees;

• Combining different modes of transport with existing port, ferryboat and domestic rail terminals in order to attract transit and reduce transport costs with current non-optimal modal solutions;

• Integration of ferryboat complexes and Bulgarian Black Sea container terminals with the existing internal transport network;

• Expanding the market horizons of feeder and ferry operators to third-party freight flows, goods transported by intermodal transport and consolidation in partner hubs;

• Interchangeability of feeder and ferry services, direct connection and common pricing from an internal terminal to a customer and vice versa;

• Consolidating the cargo flow of the various cluster members and their partners in block-train, combined, hub to hub and door-to-door schemes.


• Creating a common software and web-based system available to cluster members as well as third parties to exchange cargo information, free reverse transport capacity (wagons, containers, trailers, etc.), new products and terminal services ;

• Creating a database and structuring it in easy to reach outcomes for cargo flows serviced by all modes of transport to and from Bulgaria whose transit passes or can pass through Bulgaria;

• Summary of the target markets of a transport service outside Bulgaria with transit potential through our country for cluster members and the Bulgarian transport sector, cross-trade, analysis of permit regimes, CEMs quotas, lack of direct access to ports, functional cross-checks and other restrictions ;

• Provision and exchange of information to and between members of the Association on the development of the sector, changes in legislation and other circumstances relevant to the interests of the Cluster and its members;

• Consultations and legal assistance to members of the Cluster in defense of their interests and according to the objectives and principles of the association;

• Attracting international experts, organizing and conducting seminars and training courses for specialists. Participation in programs and projects to support the development of the Cluster.